Merger and acquisition of Italy Masterwood S.p.A..
Acquired Guangzhou Wangshi Software Technology Co., Ltd..
Mr. Li Maohong, chairman of the group, was selected as a leading talent in the national special support plan for high-level talents.
Won the Golden Bull Most Valuable Investment Award.
Obtained the third prize certificate of Guangdong Science and Technology Award.
Appraised as Guangdong Export Famous Brand Enterprise
Awarded as Guangzhou Headquarters Enterprise.
The high-efficiency CNC drilling center was identified as a high-tech product in Guangdong Province.
KDT Jidong Machinery brand linear edge banding machine was identified as a famous brand product in Guangdong Province (industry category).
Obtained the certificate of key enterprises of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province (in the field of intelligent manufacturing).

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