Sliding Table Saw KS-132PV

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Форматен циркуляр KS-132PV

Sliding Table Saw KS-132PV

Import from various optimizers
PC control WINDOWS
CNC controlled parallel fence
Digital display for main fence


Product description

Sliding table saw KS-132PV with a PC and a servo drive is designed for fine cutting of sheet material (LDSTP, MDF, plywood, glued solid wood panels, plastics, etc.) into blanks according to specified dimensions. It is recommended for enterprises producing furniture and joinery, it is allowed to use it in multi-shift operation.

Distinctive features

-The ability to work with optimizer programs, which makes it possible to program the cutting sequence, print labels and import files with cutting maps;
-Rip fence with servomotor;
-2 monitors - main and backup for the second operator;
-A digital counter is installed on the transverse stop;
-Roller carriage - guarantees the highest quality of cutting, no backlash when the carriage moves, smoothness and ease of movement for the entire life of the machine;
-The large metal consumption of the saw unit significantly increases the durability of the units, since there is practically no vibration on them;
-Powerful saw carriage, made of aluminum multi-cellular profile with a working part width of 430 mm;
-Own electric motors for the scoring and main saw 1.1 / 5.5 kW, allow the machine to be used in multi-shift operation and dissolve various materials;
-Electric lifting and lowering of the main saw blade;
-The transparent CE aspiration protective cover for saw blades allows you to visually control the sawing process, as well as effectively remove sawdust from the cutting zone.

An industrial computer with a 15-inch touch screen based on Windows 10 with KDTsoft software ensures comfortable and reliable operation of the CNC system. The control unit allows you to control the parallel fence with a servo drive and tilt the saw unit. For a convenient and efficient workflow for the operator, frequently used functions are located at the bottom of the screen. A control unit that works with a program with its own optimization program. There are several USB connectors in the basic configuration. Accuracy and smoothness of stop movement is ensured by Delta servomotor (Taiwan) and high-precision Hiwin ball screw (Taiwan). Stop travel speed up to 15 m/min.

For the convenience of the second operator, the machine is equipped with a second monitor on which the cutting map is duplicated.

Ability to print labels with the necessary information on the part and barcode. On the label, you can indicate any information depending on the wishes and tasks. The printer is included.

Panel saw KDT-132PV has the ability to work with optimization programs for cutting charts and label printing.

Roller carriage - guarantees the highest quality of cutting, no backlash when moving the carriage, smoothness and ease of movement for the entire life of the machine.

The large metal consumption of the saw unit significantly increases the durability of the units, since there is practically no vibration on them. Manually Variable One Way Tilt Drives: These motors are custom built to KDT specifications and optimized for panel saw applications. Units with two speeds - 4000-5000 rpm, speeds are switched manually.

Linear bearings and guides from the Taiwanese company HIWIN. One of the main directions of HIWIN is the production of high-quality linear motion systems - carriages, guides, rails, linear bearings.

An additional control panel on the frame allows you to quickly turn on and off the motors of the main and scoring saws, as well as adjust the angle of inclination (displayed on the electronic display). To ensure safety, both control panels are equipped with emergency stop buttons.

Horizontal adjustment knob for the scoring saw.

The convenient handle of adjustment of a scoring saw on height, allows to carry out fast adjustment of knot.

Full-format additional tables allow you to open sheets of various sizes.

The transverse stop (ruler) is equipped with two folding stops-flags, one of which has an electronic digital display for quick and precise adjustment to the required size.

If required, the crosscut fence can be rotated from 0 - 45° for miter cuts.

Angle ruler on the saw carriage for angled cuts.

Pusher for safe work with narrow workpieces. The maximum distance from the saw blade to the parallel stop is 1250 mm.

The transparent CE guard provides visual control of the cut, as well as excellent removal of sawdust from the cutting area.

The machine bed was developed taking into account CAD programs, where the maximum allowable loads and requirements for the machine design were calculated and simulated. The welded frame is tempered to relieve all internal stresses in the material, then processing takes place on a five-axis metalworking machine, where all platforms and holes for mounting components and assemblies are milled.

The centralized lubrication system lubricates all units and assemblies that require maintenance.

The blow gun is supplied as standard with the machine.

The machine is completed with the Leitz cutting tool.

Tool kit for machine maintenance.

Technical specifications

Модел: KS-132PV
Maximum dimensions of the material to be cut, mm3120x3200
Main saw diameter, mm300 (350 optional)/30
Frequency of rotation of the main saw, rpm4000/5000
Main saw drive power, kW5.5
Scoring saw diameter, mm120/22
Scoring saw speed, rpm8600
Saw blade tilt0-45°
Scoring saw drive power, kW1.1
Maximum cutting height – 90°, mm80 (100 option)
The maximum distance of the longitudinal stop from the saw blade1250
Dimensions of the movable carriage, mm3200x430
Diameter of a branch pipe for aspiration, mm85/100
Weight, kg1100
Dimensions LxWxH, mm3350x3450x1510

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