Machining center KN-3710DЕ

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Обработващ център KN-3710D

Machining center KN-3710DЕ

12kW main spindle
1.5kW power servo control
12-position tool magazine

Product description

Introduced with the Italian technology, KDT CNC machine is widely used for nesting, grooving and drilling process in custom furniture manufacture; Compatible with various machining data that generated by the 3rd Party s Optimized software, easy for operation.

Distinctive features

- Rigid frame and high precesion ensures for a stable run and long lasting performance.
-Max. running speed is up to up to X80m/min, Y80m/min, Z30m/min;
-Delta bus control system and IPC comes as standard
-KDT 12KW spindle standard configured

Design Advantages

Vacuum chamber
The machine frame with annealing treatment ensures stable and reliable running.Specified vacuum tables guarantee stronger absorption.

Spindle PSK 12KW ISO30 spindle,High power,high accuracy and long service life

Drill Head
10V drilling head for D model,stonger pressure on drilling enures stable drill and drill depth, to realize efficient work

Control System
Delta bus control system; Intutitve control panel, easy operation, fast reponse,and high position accuracy;Available for remote control, convenence in maintenenc and management;built in graphic software,fast drawing and optimized path simulation

Becker Vacuum Pump
Dry air-cooled Becker pump with 244m³/ H capacity which ensures strong vacuum suction and prevents small board deviation.2 pcs of vacuum pump equiped for cnc with large table to ensure for stronger vacuum suction.

Tools Changers
12-post rotary ATC ,quick changeover and high accuracy and stability

Movable Control Panel
Control panel is movable at any position, convenient for operation

Tools Pre-setter
High precision in tools measurement

Motion Mechanism
X/Y axis transmits along helical gear&rack ,high accuracy and stable run

Transmission Mechanism
Z axis is driven by ball screw,high precession in motion and compact structure

Servo Drive
1.5kW Servo Motor equiped, max.speed up to 80m/min

Imported Cable
Imported Cable guarantee high quality, ensures stable run and durable service

Technical specifications

Модел: KN-3710DЕ
 Max. Working Size X/Y/Z(mm)3100*2150*100
Max. Moving Speed X/Y/Z(m/min)80/80/30
Vacuum Area6
Vacuum Capacity (m³/h)244*2
Size & QTY of Dust HoodØ200*1
Tool Magazine12 PCS Rotary ATC
Total Power(kW)31
Main Spindle12kW  ISO-30
Drilling Head10V
Machine Size(L)(W)(H)(mm)4500L*3350W*2415H

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