Machining Center KN-3409L

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Обработващ център KN-3409L

Machining Center KN-3409L

12kW high power spindle
1.5kW high power servo
12-position in-line tool magazine
7-zone double-layer metal vacuum chamber

Product description

12kW High-power Spindle, realize efficient machining with high quality.

1.5kW Servo Motor, X/Y/Z moving speed: 100/100/30m/min.

12-post linear ATC, Quick Tools change, safety and reliability guaranteed.
ALL-ROUND CONSIDERATION ON CNC MACHINECNC Machining center satisfies various processing technologies , such as drilling , routing , and grooving , applicable to cabinet, doors and chairs manufacture,  leads the woodworking machinery with high efficiency and diversity and helps the era of intelligent customization.
Total solution of intelligent furniture production for the whole home.

Technical specifications

  Max. Working Size X/Y/Z(mm)2860*1260*50
Max. Moving SpeedX/Y/Z(m/min)100/100/30
Vacuum Area7
Vacuum Capacity(m/h)244
Size & QTY of Dust HoodØ200*1
Tool Magazine12-post Linear ATC
Total Power(kW)23.5
Main SpindlePSK 12kW ISO-30 Spindle
Machine Size (L)(W)(H)(mm)4260L*2430W*2485H

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