Machining Center KN-3409DE

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Обработващ център KN-3409DE

Machining Center KN-3409DE

Italian technology
1.5kW high power servo
KDT 12kW high power spindle
KDT 10V Oval Bore Drill Set
12-bit servo tool magazine

Product description

Axis speed X/Y/Z is 80/80/30m/min, high speed cutting.

High-power spindle realizes high-quality milling process.

Increase the drilling downwards pressure, ensuring an accurate drilling depth to achieve machining with high efficiency.
ALL-ROUND CONSIDERATION ON CNC MACHINECNC Machining center satisfies various processing technologies , such as drilling , routing , and grooving , applicable to cabinet , doors and chairs manufacture , leads the woodworking machinery with high efficiency and diversity and helps the era of intelligent customization.Total solution of intelligent furniture production for the whole home.

Technical specifications

  Max. Working Size X/Y/Z(mm)2860*1260*100
 Max. Moving SpeedX/Y/Z(m/min)100/100/30
Vacuum Area7
Vacuum Capacity(m/h)244
Size & QTY of Dust HoodØ200*1
Tool Magazine12-post Rotary ATC
Total Power(kW)26.1
Main SpindlePSK 12kW ISO-30 Spindle
Drilling Head10V Drilling Head
Machine Size (L)(W)(H)(mm)4260L*2430W*2415H

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