CNC Machining Center KN-6410C

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CNC Обаботващ център KN-6410C

CNC Machining Center KN-6410C

Control system TPA + TPAcad (Italy)
Electrospindle: HSD (Italy) 13,2 kW HSK-63F
4 axis machining
Revolving tool changer for 16 tools
Boring head HSD 12V+8H+1S

Product description

CNC machining center KDT KN-6410C with 4-axis machining with one milling spindle and drilling and filler group (12 vertical spindles + 8 horizontal + grooving saw) is designed for precise, high-speed milling and hole filling in furniture and carpentry parts products (plywood, furniture board, chipboard, MDF, solid wood of soft and hard breeds).

The machine is optimally suited for woodworking and furniture industries that require increased equipment flexibility (Adding holes and milling). It will be useful both in the entry-level enterprise and in large-scale production.

Distinctive features

-Processing area 3250*1250 mm;
-Table type: Movable traverses "SCHMALZ";
-Spindle: HSD (Italy) - 13.2 kW with HSK-63F cartridge;
-Drilling and filler group: 12V+8H+1S;
-4th axis - C;
-Servo motors for moving the portal and spindle along the X / Y / Z axes: - 1.8 / 1.3 / 1.3 kW;
-Travel speed along the X/Y/Z axes: – 80/75/30 m/min;
-The mechanism of automatic tool change of revolving type for 16 tools;
-TPA control desk in Russian (Italy) - includes: Tra WSCM - machine control;
-Tpa Cad - modeling; editing, creation of control programs;
-The conveyor for removal of shaving installed in a basic complete set of the machine;
-KDT Remote Services - (tele service) remote service via Internet connection for the purpose of troubleshooting, diagnosis, maintenance, repair or process optimization;
-Tool calibration sensor;
-Double-circuit lubrication system;
-Ability to work in pendulum mode;
-Protective fence.

Design advantages

The machine performs the following operations: three-axis milling (facades, doors, cabinet furniture parts, etc.), inserting holes on five sides and grooving along the X axis with a saw. These operations provide the processing of simple and complex parts in one installation without reconfiguring the machine.

Unlike conventional 3-axis milling of a part, 4-axis machining allows you to machine a product from five sides, without additional operations for rearranging the part on the desktop.This allows you to obtain products of complex shape with high accuracy and processing speed.

TPA control desk (Italy) - includes 2 modules: Tra WSCM - machine control and Tpa Cad - modeling, editing, creating control programs.

Additional touch-sensitive portable control panel for convenient control of the machine.

The bed has the form of a frame structure with stiffening ribs and ceilings made of all-metal sheet, this provides a reliable base for further fastening of all units and assemblies to it. High precision of execution guarantees precise movement of the console and spindle, which subsequently affects the accuracy of processing.

The machine in the basic configuration has a conveyor for removing chips and small residues of workpieces.

The machine is equipped with a modern powerful electrospindle 13.2 kW from the Italian manufacturer HSD, "ES951 e-core". This is the first spindle with its own intelligence, which independently diagnoses its work and sends information to the machine control system in real time. This allows you to accurately control the operating modes of the spindle and comply with the required technology for processing the part, which ensures stable operation of the machine, high quality processing and extends the life of the tool.

The 16-station automatic tool changer will provide the machine with the necessary stock of used milling cutters and will allow you to perform complex operations using more tools. The magazine is equipped with a servo drive, which allows you to change the tool with high accuracy and speed.

Tool and spindle taper HSK 63F The HSK tooling system was developed by German specialists specifically for high-speed and high-precision machining. The use of an HSK taper ensures radial and axial accuracy. HSK 63F is designed for use with high speed tools.

Drilling and filler group (12 vertical + 8 horizontal spindles + 1 grooving saw).

The sensor of automatic measurement and calibration of the tool makes an accurate measurement of the length of the tool, reduces the setup time of the machine, which greatly facilitates the work of the operator.

Additional blowing of the processing zone ensures effective removal of chips from the cutting zone, which significantly affects the quality of processing and tool life.

YZ-axis ball screws - movement is carried out using a TBI ball screw (Taiwan) , which guarantees the complete absence of backlash, and subsequently high movement accuracy.
The digital acceleration control together with the high rigidity of the structure allows high speed movements without vibrations.

The SOTER rack and pinion with teeth ground from hardened steel provide high precision and smooth running due to minimal friction and no backlash. The pinion is integrated into a high precision planetary gearbox.

HIWIN (Taiwan) rolling guides and bottom brackets provide smooth running due to minimal friction, while maintaining a tight grip and precision accuracy.

Delta Electronics high power X/Y/Z 1.8/1.3/1.3kW servo motors and SESAME Motor Taiwan precision planetary gearboxes provide synchronous movement, high precision and dynamics. Travel speed along the X/Y/Z axes – 80/75/30 m/min.

Working table with movable traverses - 6 pieces and vacuum suction cups "SCHMALZ" (Germany) - 18 pieces .

The pendulum mode of operation divides the desktop into two zones - this allows you to set various processing programs in these zones and can significantly reduce the operating time (cycle) of the machine, the time when processing takes place in one of the zones, in another operator performs machine maintenance (workpiece change ).

The infrared sensor protection system ensures the safety of the operator while working with the machine.

The automatic lubrication system lubricates all necessary components and assemblies.

All equipment of the KDT plant uses electrical components from trusted manufacturers. They are interchangeable, thereby increasing the efficiency of service maintenance and quality control. These are mainly Delta Electronics, INVT (Innovation Value Teamwork), some configurations use special-purpose components from Schneider Electric, Siemens, Lenovo (industrial computer).

The vacuum system with a capacity of 160 m3/h securely fixes the workpiece.

Technical specifications

Model: KN-6410C
Control systemTPA (Italy)
Table size, mm3250x1250
SpindleHSD, 13.2 kW, 24000 rpm, clamp HSK-63F
4th axis CHSD
drilling head12 vertical + 8 horizontal spindles at 6000 rpm + 120 mm grooving saw
Tool changerevolving for 16 seats
Maximum tool length (excluding workpiece height), mm200
Travel speed in X/Y/Z, m/min80/75/30
Servo power in X/Y/Z, kW1.8/1.3/1.3
Table configuration6 vacuum traverses, 18 suction cups SCHMALZ
Total power consumption, kW25.32
Productivity of vacuum pumps, m3/hour1x160
Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm5055x3090x2715
Weight, kg4000

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