Drilling center KD-612KZ

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Drilling center KD-612KZ

Spindle automatic tool change
Double translational air bearing table
Double positioning minimum sheet size: 70*35mm

Product description

Lamino Machining, Grooving four sides of the board to ensure simple assembly and  beautiful appearance hidden connector, various front groove machining, change the milling cutter according to the groove width, forming groove at one time effectively.

Aggregate+5 pcs ATC, Automatically changes tools on various processing.

Upper and bottom drill heads linkage machining. Optimize the drilling area, fully cover the lower bit, and improve efficiency.DRILL TECH

We provide customers a series of drilling products with high quality, which features in high accuracy , high efficiency and easy operation. With the idea of sectional automation, we offers various automatic drilling lines, helps to build up a smart workshop for customer.

Total solution of intelligent furniture production for the whole home.

Technical specifications

Model: KD-612KZ
Panel Length(mm)70-2800
Panel Width(mm)50-1200

30-50 (L≤1000)

Panel Thickness(mm)9-60
Maxi. Feeding Speed (m/min)140
Number of DrillsUpper vertical drilling 12V + horizontal drilling 8H + lower vertical drilling 9V

Upper 12V+8H+Lower 9V

Spindle (KW)1*5.5


Total  Spindle (KW)23.02
Overall Size L*W*H (mm)6040L*2954W*2190H
Size&Qty of Dust OutletsØ200*1+Ø100*2

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