Drilling Center KD-610H

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Drilling Center KD-610H

2 drilling heads: 8 - horizontal spindles, 21 - vertical spindles (12 - top, 9 - bottom)
Drilling from 6 sides
Double translational air bearing table

Product description

CNC drilling center KD-610H with two drilling groups at the top and bottom for drilling from 6 sides and a grooving saw (workpiece size 1000 * 2800 mm), two milling spindles is designed for high-precision drilling of through and blind holes in the ends and planes furniture panels, which allows processing any additive maps in one pass of the part. The machine is equipped with two milling units for milling both simple straight grooves, such as a groove for the back wall or the bottom of a box, and profiling.

Scheme of drilling groups

Distinctive features

-Ability to work with optimizer programs with drilling maps, as well as print labels;
-Two milling units as standard;
-High processing speed: 140/90/50 m/min;
-Grooving unit - saw 120 mm;
-Drilling from 6 sides;
-Additive of small parts from 70x35 mm;
-Automatic lubrication of X and Y travel guides;
-Compact dimensions and saving up to 22% of production space;
-Visualization of the processing of a double-sided additive map;
-Batch drilling mode is enabled;
-Scanner for reading the additive card by barcode.

Design advantages

Drilling from 6 parties . There are 2 drilling groups installed on the machine: 8 - horizontal spindles, 21 - vertical spindles (12 - from above, 9 - from below). As standard, 2 milling units for 5.5 kW and 3.5 W are installed.

2 milling spindles 5.5 kW and 3.5 kW , 18000 rpm (top and bottom).

Grooving unit with a saw (disk diameter 120 mm).

Two automatic clamps will allow you to securely fix the workpiece with a length of 70 mm. up to 2800 mm and perform fewer interceptions during drilling, which significantly increases the speed of the work cycle compared to machines with a single grip. The maximum speed has been increased to 140 m/min .

The top milling spindle is equipped with a powerful vertical clamp with two pressure plates . Improves milling accuracy and prevents damage to the workpiece.

Batch drilling mode - processing of two parts at the same time with a mirror map.

CAD/CAM control panel, with the ability to read bar codes, which allows you to increase the productivity of the machine.

A barcode scanner is included in the basic equipment of the machine.

Ability to work with all popular programs for optimizing drilling maps and printing labels.

Easy movement of parts on the table occurs due to the air flow supplied by a special electric fan through the holes in the upper part of the table, thereby eliminating the possible appearance of scratches on the lower surface of the part.

Mobile plates in the drilling area allow for through milling.

Protecting the operator from injury.

The minimum workpiece size is 70x35 mm , which allows for the addition of small-sized parts.

Thanks to the compact dimensions of the machine, up to 22% of production space is saved.

The machine uses high-precision INVT servo drives for superior precision and high productivity.

Sealed dust and moisture resistant cabinet with electronic components from the world's leading manufacturers is removed from the processing area, which prolongs the service life of electrical components and provides ease of maintenance.

Technical specifications

Model: KD-610H
Workpiece length, mm70-2800
Workpiece width, mm35-1000
Workpiece thickness, mm9-60
Workpiece gripper travel speed (X), m/min140
Maximum speed along the axis (Y), m/min90
Maximum speed along the axis (Z), m/min50
Number of drilling groups, pcs2
Number of vertical spindles (upper group), pcs12
Number of vertical spindles (lower group), pcs9
Number of horizontal spindles, pcs8
Milling unit, kW1*5.5 and 1*3.5
Grooving unit (saw blade size), mm120x20x4
Suction pipe diameter, mm1*200 and 1*100
Full power, kW21.9
Working pressure, MPa0.6
Machine dimensions (LxWxH), mm5300x2660x2190
Weight, kg3200

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