CNC Panel Saw KS-833L

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CNC Пакетен циркуляр KS-832L

CNC Panel Saw KS-833L

Servo double pusher
Heavy duty rear loading models

Product description

Hydraulic lift table is applicable toautomatic loading, compared with that in manual, efficiency increase by 20%, achieving the result that labor cost reduces but efficiency increase.

Grating position realizes an accurate loading, min. thickness of workpiece is 8mm.

Servo control and transmits along gears racks transmits, which ensures a stable and fast run.max. moving speed is up to 120m/min, sawing speed is 95m/min.

Technical specifications

Max Working Size (L)(W)(H)(mm)3330L*3330W*120H
Sawing Speed(m/min)95
Saw Carrier Return Speed(m/min)120
Max. Feeding Speed(m/min)95
Main Blade Motor(kW)18.5
Scoring Blade Motor(kW)2.2
Total Power(kW)35.5
Llfting mesa Max panel size3000*1525mm   /3000*2100mm (Option)
Banked up height600/1300mm

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