CNC Panel Saw KS-832H

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CNC Панелен циркуляр KS-832H

CNC Panel Saw KS-832H

Linear guide rail side leaning
Maximum cutting speed: 120m/min
Pneumatic float table
The main and auxiliary saws adopt independent lifting control system

Product description

High quality NC panel saw, cutting for variety boards , with a complete set of optimization software optional )),can connect to a variety of disassembly software, optimizing layout automatically, automatic feeding, high board utilization rate and cutting efficiency.

-The main saw is controlled by servo motor, grooving is available, the main saw and scoring saw apply an independent control system in the lifting. Automatically adjust the lifting height by the cutting thickness,
to realize a better sawing effect.
-Main frame is designed with a heavy duty structure, and processed with gantry CNC, to achieve accuracy to international standard.
-The lifting of pressing beam is pneumatic controlled by high precised cylinder with duplicated rod, to realize the function of auto position when working. Rising distance could be adjusted according to the panels thickness, so as to reduce the non duty movement and improve the cutting efficiency.
-Saw carriage is driven by servo motor and gear racks table and speedy in running. The auto locating could be realized by the sawing width, so as to reduce the time in free running and improve the working
efficiency. The maximum sawing speed is up to 95m/min useless move and 120m/min cutting speed.
-Gripper is controlled by high precised reducer and gear rack, cutting precision is up to 0.1mm Rubber wrapped Finger structure effectively prevents the panel from scratching.
-Working table is applied with pneumatic floating balls on top, effectively protect working panel being scratched, and easy to move the panels to the working area.
-Gripper amount: 10
-Based on the PC controlling system, it has a complete operation instruction and troubleshooting guideline, and could be linkup with various software.

Technical specifications

Max Working Size  (L)(W)(H)(mm)3180L*3180W*90H/120H
Sawing Speed(m/min)95
Saw Carrier Return Speed(m/min)120
Max. Feeding Speed(m/min)95
Main Blade Motor(kW)18.5
Scoring Blade Motor(kW)1.5
Saw Carrier Motor Power(kW)2
Feeding Motor(kW)2
 Total Power(kW)34
Overall Size  (L)(W)(H)(mm)7750L*5595W*2030H

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