CNC Panel Saw KS-4522HLS

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ъглов пакетен циркуляр CNC Panel Saw KS-4522HLS

CNC Panel Saw KS-4522HLS

-Angular CNC panel saw
-Two cutting zones - rip cut and cross cut
-Double pusher system
-Cutting height: 120 mm
-Package size: 4300x2100 mm

Product description

Angular CNC panel saw/beam saw with CNC KS-4522HLS with rear loading and a double pusher (the size of the cut package is 4300x2100 mm) is designed for cutting a package of board materials (chipboard, MDF, fiberboard, etc.), both lined and not lined. The machine is used in large-scale and mass production for the production of cabinet furniture, furniture panels, molded products. Rear loading simplifies material logistics in production and makes the work of machine operators easier.

Processing scheme


Distinctive features

-Working with optimizer programs that make it possible to program the cutting order, print labels and import files with cutting maps.
-Automatic rear loading onto the machine allows you to load a package with a maximum size of 4300x2100 mm.
-Independent pusher for cutting panels with different lengths improve cutting efficiency at different sizes.
-Moving the two left grips parallel to the cutting line.
-Magnetic positioning to measure the lift of the workpiece from the back load, the minimum thickness of the workpiece is 8mm.
-Rotary table.
-Steel table in the cutting area.
-OPTIONAL – trim removal system.
-The maximum height of the cut package is 120 mm.
-The movement of the saw carriage occurs due to a spur rack and pinion with the help of a servomotor. Accuracy-Speed-Durability, the three main parameters based on which it was decided to equip our machine with these slats.
-The minimum workpiece size is 34*45 mm.
-The working speed of the saw carriage is up to 120 m/min.
-Saw carriage idling speed up to 180 m/min.
-Programmable pusher speed 95 m/min.
-The work table of the machine is equipped with a blowing system (air cushion).
-An industrial computer ensures reliable operation of the CNC system.
-Automatic lifting of the main saw to the required height depending on the thickness of the material being cut.
-Automatic determination of cut length.
-Quick tool change system.
-The programmable pusher is equipped with two groups of double grips that move left and right, 1 independent pusher, two two-finger pneumatic grips.

Design advantages

Hydraulic lift table:
-Maximum load - 4000 kg.
-Platform with a driven roller table, fixed on cables.
-The maximum package size is 4300x2100 mm.
-The height of the stack of slab material without a pit / with a pit is 600/1300 mm.

Carriage for preparing slab material for subsequent cutting. Carries out pushing of the required amount of sheet material according to a given program. Allows continuous loading of a batch of material into the waiting area. Operates independently of the main pusher. Two probes with automatic measurement of the required material thickness (magnetic ruler), minimum material thickness 8 mm. Increases work efficiency by 30–35%.

The software pusher in the longitudinal cutting area has grips with anti-friction linings - 6 pcs. with an increased area of contact with the material and damping elements at the end of the grippers.

The rotary table is designed for turning slab materials. According to the specified optimization program, the machine determines the need to turn the material package. Max. material dimensions: 4300x2100 mm.

OPTIONAL – Trim removal system. The scraps fall onto the conveyor and are then automatically removed from the board material processing area.

The conveyor is equipped with a guillotine for crushing long-length waste into smaller ones and then transported along the conveyor either to a waste collection container or to a crushing station.

The main software pusher in the cross cutting area has an independent pusher and two pairs of mobile (movable) and two fixed grips. Two left-hand mobile grippers parallel to the cutting line serve to securely hold parts of different widths and prevent damage to the edges of parts . The clamps reliably fix both a package of material up to 120 mm thick, and one sheet.

Independent pusher for cutting panels with different lengths improves cutting efficiency in different sizes.

The machine can simultaneously cut two workpieces of different sizes .

The machine bed was designed taking into account CAD programs, where the maximum permissible loads and requirements for the design of the machine were calculated and modeled. The welded frame is tempered to remove all internal stresses in the material, then processed on a five-axis metalworking machine, where all platforms and holes for mounting components and assemblies are milled.

An industrial computer based on Windows 10 ensures reliable operation of the CNC system.

Ability to work with all popular programs for optimizing cutting cards and printing labels.

Two air-cushion work tables 2200x800 mm and 2200x600 mm .

Qucik-start Device

Longitudinal lever for turning on/off the cutting cycle on the main table.

Steel tables with an air cushion are installed in the cutting area, which greatly facilitates the work with small parts and protects them from damage.

The machine is equipped with two saw carriages - in the longitudinal and transverse cutting area. The main (30 kW) and scoring (2.2 kW) saws are installed on each of the two carriages. The carriage moves using a servo drive and two linear guides with 6 support points (linear bearings) with automatic lubrication. The feed speed is adjusted automatically depending on the height of the package of workpieces thanks to a frequency converter.

Parametric adjustment of the movement of scoring saws without stopping the machine.

Automatic adjustment of the height of the main saw and the reach of the pressure beam according to the height of the package being cut.

The force of the clamping beam is controlled by the system and corresponds to the thickness or height of the batch cutting. Equipped with an injury protection system.

The movement of the saw carriage occurs due to a spur rack and pinion with the help of a servomotor. This ensures greater cutting accuracy up to +-0.1 mm.

Side stops accurately position narrow strips along the side ruler when cutting them into finished parts.

The flexible and durable cable channel ensures stable and fast movement of the pusher with pneumatic grippers.

Electrical components comply with CE standards.

The minimum workpiece size is 34*45 mm.

Technical specifications

Model: KS-4522HLS
Maximum cutting length, mm4300
Maximum cutting width, mm2100
Minimum grip dimensions when sawing, mm34x45
Maximum cutting thickness, mm120
Saw carriage travel speed, m/min120
Saw carriage idle speed, m/min180
Pusher speed, m/min95
Main saw diameter, mm450/75
Scoring saw diameter, mm200/50
Main saw drive power, kW2x30
Scoring saw drive power, kW2x2.2
Programmable pusher drive power, kW4x2
Saw carriage drive power, kW2x2
Gripper amount6 + Twin Pusher + 2 movable group grippers + 2
Installed power, kW83
Pneumatic system working pressure, MPa0.6
Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm15375x11542x2030
Weight, kg13000

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