Edgebander KE-2468JHSKCD

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Кантираща машина KE-2468JHSKCD

Edgebander KE-2468JHSKCD

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Pre-milling mechanism
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Product description

Double-sided automatic edge banding machine KE-2468JHSKCAD is designed for simultaneous lining of straight edges of furniture panels and blanks with synthetic roll material on both sides. It is used at furniture factories producing serial furniture.

Distinctive features

-Feed speed 20-26 m/min;
-Magazine for edging material for 4 types of edges;
-Automatic stops in conveyor pads for positioning the part at 90 °;
-A jointing unit with a double chopper for high-quality preparation of the workpiece before gluing;
-Upper glue bath for working with EVA/PUR adhesives;
-A pressure tape instead of rollers guarantees precise positioning of the part at all stages of edge processing at a speed of 26 m/min;
-4-motor unit rounds;
-“Touch screen” control panel based on WINDOWS 10;
-Pneumatic adjustment for different edge thicknesses from the control panel;
-Programming technological breaks in heating the glue bath;
-Individual frequency converter for each working unit;
-Lighting in the protective cabin;
-For safety, the machine is equipped with an electronic cabin door locking system;
-The mechanism for raising/lowering the clamping beam is equipped with an electric drive, which ensures quick and accurate installation to the required thickness of the part;
-A locating ruler with a digital counter guarantees quick and accurate setting of the required removal on the part during milling at the jointing unit;
-A pneumatic curtain on the glued application roller prevents it from becoming dirty;
-Adjustment of front and rear edge overhangs from the control panel.
-The machine has two liquid application units:
1.The first unit for applying the separating liquid: using 2 nozzles in front of the unit for preliminary milling (jointing) of the workpiece. This is when a special release liquid is applied; any remaining glue that protrudes outward does not come into contact with the workpiece.
2.Second unit for applying polishing liquid: using 2 nozzles in front of the polishing unit. This is the cleaning fluid that is applied. The main task is to remove the release agent (release liquid) applied at the beginning and any loose adhesive residues. And also to add shine to the processed edge of the part.

Technical specifications

Model: KE-2468JHSKCD
Feeding Speed(m/min)20-26
Tape thickness(mm)0.4-3
Panel Thickness(mm)9-60
Panel Length(mm)≥285
Panel Width(mm)≥285
Min. Panel Size(mm)285*285
Total Power(kW)89.94
Overall Size(L)(W)(H)(mm)10288L*4300W*1960H
Size & QTY of Dust HoodØ125*21

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