Edgebander KE-668JGB

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Кантираща машина KE-668JGB

Edgebander KE-668JGB

Glue pot + large glue pot
Diamond trimming knife
high speed tracking
Track binder

Product description

The KE-668JGB automatic edge banding machine is designed for simultaneous banding of straight edges of furniture boards and blanks with synthetic roll material.

кантираща машина - схема на заобляне

Distinctive features

-High feed speed 15-23 m/min;
-Two glue pots - one with pre-melt and one without pre-melt;
-Pneumatic adjustment for different edge thicknesses from the control panel;
-The pressure band instead of rollers guarantees precise positioning of the workpiece at all stages of edge processing at a speed of 23 m/min;
-Control panel "Touch screen";
-Built-in waypoint control for non-contact control of processing units;
-Possibility of programming technological breaks of the glue bath;
-Implemented the ability to automatically reconfigure the traverse to the size set on the control panel using the encoder.
-Additional pressure rollers for reliable fixation of parts;
-Lamp for heating the end face of the workpiece;
-Lighting in the protective cabin;
-Limit switches on the doors in the protective cabin;
-Stock dispenser rod prevents damage to machine components during operation;
-Pneumatic shutter on the glue roller, prevents it from getting dirty;
-Adjustment of the front and rear overhangs of the edge from the control panel;
-Execution according to CE standards.
-The machine has two units for applying liquids:
1.The first unit for applying the separating liquid: with the help of 2 nozzles in front of the pre-milling unit (milling) of the workpiece. This is done by applying a special separating liquid, so that the glue residues that come out do not come into contact with the workpiece.
2.The second unit for applying polishing liquid: using 2 nozzles in front of the polishing unit. This is a cleaning fluid. The main task is to remove the anti-adhesive applied at the beginning (separating liquid) and free adhesive residues. And also to give shine to the finished edge of the part.

Design advantages

The bed of the edge banding machine has the form of a rigid box with the necessary stiffening ribs, which guarantees the exact location of all nodes during the entire period of operation.

The machine is controlled using a special remote control equipped with an industrial display with a “Touch screen” system. The on/off icons of units and assemblies on the display are intuitive and do not require special skills to operate the machine.

The workpiece feed dispenser rod controls the minimum distance between workpieces, preventing damage to machine components during operation.

The jointing unit is equipped with two high-frequency motors, which ensures high-quality processing of the end face of the material before gluing the edge. Pre-milling copes with the “step” from the scoring saw, chips. The pre-joint joint is equipped with 40 mm high diamond cutters (65 mm optional).

Preheating the end face of the workpiece for better adhesion.

The pressure unit consists of 5 rollers, which are driven by pneumatics, which guarantees an even distribution of forces on the edge during gluing. Of the 4 rollers, 2 rollers have a different cone, which ensures the distribution of the clamping force over the thickness of the part. 2 cylindrical rollers apply pressure throughout the thickness of the part, and 3 conical rollers are concentrated on the lower and upper parts of the part. The powerful pneumatic cylinder of the pre-cutting knife handles the thick edge well.

The machine has two glue bathsThe first is an automatic top gluing tank with pre-melt glue , with a capacity of 5 liters. Glue is dosed and does not overheat during machine downtime. The viewing window allows you to control the presence of glue. Warm-up time and readiness for work 15 minutes. The second is the glue bath without pre-melt glue with non-stick coating.

The machine is equipped with automatic pneumatic loading of granulated glue . At the bottom of the machine bed there is a large 12.5 kg hopper from which, through the air flow, the granules are transported to the upper hopper with pre-melt.

The end trimming unit is equipped with two high-frequency electric motors, and the movement of the saw units is carried out along special linear guides. The unit is equipped with an automatic lubrication system for the guides, as well as its own aspiration nozzle. Miter saws have a rotation angle of 0-15 degrees.

The milling unit consists of two high-frequency electric motors equipped with diamond radius cutters , which allow processing edge material with a thickness of 0.4 - 3.0 mm. The part is tracked by two large round cams (on each motor) mounted on a floating assembly, this design prevents scrap during milling. The first milling unit is equipped with cutters with a radius of 2 mm, the second milling unit is equipped with cutters with a radius of 1 mm. Each milling unit is set to different edge thicknesses and is switched from the control panel.

The rounds (profiling) unit is equipped with four high-speed motors and successfully runs at a speed of 23 m/min. The unit is equipped with diamond radius cutters. There are four schemes of node operation.

The first and second scraping units are equipped with two carbide radius knives, which, after milling the edge, remove a thin layer from the milled part of the edge and remove the kinematic wave, as a result we get a smooth machined surface. On the first node the radius of the knife is 2 mm, on the second node the radius of the knife is 1 mm. The nodes are switched on from the control panel of the machine.

Radius scraping units are equipped with mechanisms for pneumatic reconfiguration from the remote control to a different edge thickness and a mechanism for dividing edge residues along the length, for their more efficient removal.

The direct scraping unit is equipped with two hard-alloy straight knives (glue scraper), which carry out edge processing at the joints with the part. This operation removes excess glue and micro-roughness on the seams in the places where the edge is glued to the part.

The double polishing unit polishes the processed part of the edge, high quality is achieved through an oscillation system driven by pneumatic cylinders. To give the finishing gloss to the edge, a unit for applying polishing liquid is installed.

The pressure band instead of rollers guarantees precise and reliable positioning of the workpiece in all stages of edge processing at a speed of 23 m/min.

Additional pressure rollers guarantee reliable fixation of the workpiece.

The encoder on the mechanism for raising/lowering the clamping traverse allows you to automatically position the traverse to the thickness of the part set on the control panel.

The centralized lubrication unit automatically lubricates the guides of the trimming unit.

The electrical components are made in accordance with CE standards.

The doors of the machine cabin are sheathed with a layer of noise insulation made from foamed polyurethane foam, which allows you to achieve comfortable work with the equipment.

Technical specifications

Model: KE-668JGB
Feeding Speed(m/min)15-23
Tape thickness(mm)0.4-3
Panel Thickness(mm)9-60
Panel Length(mm)≥120
Panel Width(mm)≥60
Min. Panel Size(mm)120*60
Total Power(kW)30.93
Overall Size(L)(W)(H)(mm)10292L*990W*1960H
Size & QTY of Dust HoodØ100*2+Ø125*7

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