Edgebander KE-668JG

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Кантираща машина KE-668JG

Edgebander KE-668JG

Large glue pot + melt glue
Visual pneumatic trimming and scraping
Diamond trimming knife
Profile Tracking Trimming

Product description

Standard Glue Pot+Pre melt system, the pre-melt system equips with an EVA applicator, capacity of the EVA storage is up to12.5KG while that of the pre-melt box is up to 5KGS. PUR interface is reserved for options to realize quick change with different glue and satisfy production requirement.

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Design advantages

10 inch touch screen, smart temperature control
Automatically switches to the temperature holding status, prevents glue from being carbonized, environmentally and friendly saves energy.

Pressure beam with auto adjustment
Precise & quick adjustment according to workpiece thickness, reducing adjustment time and improving efficiency.

Pre-heating Unit
Edge banding is stronger after preheating

Gluing and pressing unit
panel is conveyed to gluing unit through conveying belt,and glue roller apply glue to panel surface. edge banding tape is cut by cutting unit and conveyed the needed tape length to pressing position, then edge banding tape and panel surface are firmly stuck by pressing unit.

Pre-melt system
Equips with quick-change glue pot, glue level sensor, and EVA refilling system, easier for changeover and operation; EVA storage tank has large capacity, which enables a long time supplies, reducing times in manual refilling.

Auto gluing storage box
With 12.5KG capacity in the EVA tank and 5 KG capacity in pre-melt box, glue automatically applies and pre-melts.

5-post pressure rollers
With glue scraper configured. Perfectly presses the edge tape, convenient in daily maintenance.

End cutting unit
Cut off the end of the workpiece by precise straight line guide moving, to ensure cutting surface is smooth. Equipped auto lubrication, ensuring smooth operation of end cutting unit, improving services life of components.

Auto lubrication system for end cutting system
The lubrication system automatically works according to running times, ensuring smooth action and prolonging the service life.

Trimming cut
Trim excess edge off the panel top and bottom, to have a level and smooth edging results.

Corner round trimming
Equips with 2 trimming motors, fast and stable in corner chamfering

Double scraping unit
Trim off the tools marks, ensuring the best edging quality. Blowing system equips to clean off the strips /chips .

Clean and Spray unit
Spray the clean agent for easy cleaning in th next station.Spray agent on top and bottom of the panel to be edged, which prevents over-flown hot-melt sticking on the panel surface.

Double reciprocating polishing
Cleaning chips off the panel surface on top & bottom.

Technical specifications

Model: KE-668JG
Feeding Speed(m/min)15-23
Tape thickness(mm)0.4-3
Panel Thickness(mm)9-60
Panel Length(mm)≥120
Panel Width(mm)≥60
Min. Panel Size(mm)120*60
Total Power(kW)28.53
Overall Size(L)(W)(H)(mm)9038L*990W*1960H
Size & QTY of Dust HoodØ100*2+Ø125*6

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